Walt Disney World Speedway

shutterstock_55423819-300x147A super new driving experience has become reality at Walt Disney World® Speedway in Orlando, Florida with the new Richard Petty Driving Experience.

Petrol-heads on holiday in Florida looking for the ultimate thrill ride can head over to the Speedway circuit and depending on budget ride in or drive a 600ph NASCAR race car.

Experience the thrill of blasting around the 1mile oval track at speeds of up to 165mph while your friends and family cheer you on trackside.

Ride-along experiences allow you to ride shotgun with a professional race instructor so get ready for three adrenalin fuelled laps, it’s the closest you will get to being in a NASCAR race.

To experience the drive for yourself, you can get behind the wheel first hand with 8, 18 or 30 lap options available to test your driving skills under expert supervision.

The drive experience is only available to driving license holders and you must be able to drive a manual transmission car.

Exotic Driving Experience

In addition to NASCAR fun, a new feature of the Walt Disney World Speedway is the exotic driving experience allowing you to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8 or a Porsche 997.

The experience takes in part of the oval track but also incorporates a new ‘in-field’ section allowing you to experience the rapid acceleration of these legendary automobiles as well as their stunning braking and handling abilities.

Each experience starts at six laps with a professional driver in the passenger seat providing feedback and tips and tricks, additional lap packages are available.

Souvenir photography and in-car video is available for you to take home leaving a long lasting memory of your Florida holiday.

Walt Disney World Speedway is just 5 miles away from our CLC Regal Oaks resort in Kissimmee and provides the ideal base from which to discover this magical family holiday destination in Florida.